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How to find out Gmail account creation date? Gmail Community

Although the public launch was sometime in 2007, there was an invite system where people can sign up. Officially Google does not offer any option to find out when you created your Google account. Google collects a lot of information about its users and their activities online. Why would you need to know when your Google account came into being? Well, for one thing, if you ever get locked out of your Google Account, the date you created it is one of the recovery questions you can use to regain access to the account. Second, you may have several Google accounts and want to know when a particular account got created.

Check the date you received that email, and that will be the date Google set up the account. Hopefully, you’ve been able to find out how old your Gmail account is. If not, let’s hope that Google eventually offers that information in our accounts. To access gmail account creation date this, click the cog icon in the top right, select See all settings, then click Forwarding and POP/IMAP. See our article on what POP and IMAP mean if you’re interested. Google API Explorer will now ask for your permission to access your Google account.

gmail account creation date

Here’s how to find the exact date your Gmail account was created. Another way to check the date is by using the Google Takeout service. It helps you to export all you to export your data from Google in various formats. This method used to work when Google+ was still around. So, can you find the account creation date for someone’s Gmail account? Also, that information is not publicly available to anyone.

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Next to the radio button that reads Enable POP for all mail, you should be able to see the date.

  • One of the most popular email service providers is Google’s Gmail.
  • I mean I have a few mails in my inbox and all the other mails are in their related folder.
  • If you no longer have the welcome email, check your sent items—you might have sent someone an email on the day you created your Gmail account.
  • And if you are one of those who created a Gmail account long back, then you might want to know its creation date or for that matter someone else’s Gmail account creation date.

Read along to know how to find someone’s Gmail account creation date. There could be many reasons you want to know when actually you have created your Gmail account. As in my case, I was just curious to know the approximate year when I started to use the Internet. You know the first and foremost thing an internet user does, it to basically sign up for a Gmail account. This is kind of prerequisite for every internet user, to have a google account.

Create a Gmail account

Go to, sign-in with your existing Google Account and click the Create an Archive button. The option to get this information is by opening the Gmail mailbox and switching to all messages and find a welcome message from Gmail. I imported a lot of email messages from old email systems.

Feel free to check out all your Gmail accounts. Most users got a Google account as a side effect of opening a Gmail account, and it is from within Gmail that you can find out when you created it. The start date of your Gmail account is the same as your Google Account.

Now sign in or select the desired Google account. Make sure to mark Google Auth 2.0 and the API key check boxes. You should also know that the date of creation of the Gmail account is the same as the date of creation of the Google Account. I spent quite a time figuring out this and there were no articles regarding this.

Many online platforms show you when a person has joined or created an account. With such information available you have an idea of whether an account was made to be used normally or just freshly created to be used as a fake or a spam account. Sometimes just having the information of when you created an account kind of feels good and makes you look back at how many years you have been using the particular service.

That’s because I later imported old mails with that date from my local Thunderbird client. 2) If you hover over the “1-100 of X,XXX”, there’s an option to show “oldest” or “newest” to quickly reverse the chronological order. The date on that line is the date you created your Google Account.

gmail account creation date

Mobile device management to keep your data secure, such as the ability to remotely wipe lost devices. 24/7 phone, email, and chat support from a real person. A professional, ad-free Gmail account using your company’s domain name, such as The same as a username that someone used in the past and then deleted.

How To Check Gmail Account Creation Date:

Overall there are three mentioned ways by which you can know when you have signed up for Gmail. I created this updated post on medium just to make sure it’s concise and informative. Also, to avoid SEO-related hassle to get on the top of the search results. Medium being a high DA PA site does that for you.

gmail account creation date

Again, this won’t necessarily give you the exact date, but it can help to give a ballpark. However, if you have ever changed your POP settings, the date you made your Gmail account won’t be shown. It also won’t be shown if you’re using an organizational account that may have preconfigured the setting. So that’s all on how to check when a Gmail was created.

Look for the Welcome message

Don’t fear—you can create a new Google account and then transfer everything over. Back on the Drive API page, the bottom-right of the window should populate with the API query. Within the application/json tab, find createdTime. This gives your Drive account creation date in year/month/date format. First, visit the Drive API using this link.

You can never have the two established at different dates—only aliases within your Gmail account. Google provides a Drive API that developers can use to interact with Google Drive. You can query this API to find out when your Google Drive account was created. It’s likely that this is the same date as when your Gmail was created; it’s not a certainty, though, so don’t take it as gospel.

In case if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section. Click on the blue Execute button on your left after selecting both check boxes. Or, if you already have your Gmail account logged in, simply click here to visit your account’s settings page. There is another option and that is to use the APIs explorer of Google.

The “all mail” label shows all the mail, no matter what label if any was attached to a message. Gmail, like most email systems, sends you a welcome email as part of the account creation process. Did you suppose that I’ve not moved my mails to different folders? I mean I have a few mails in my inbox and all the other mails are in their related folder. Go to and sign-in with your current Google Account.